So far this week….

Sunday we had a fairly low-key afternoon: I studied (due to procrastination),  Johnny watched television, and Madeline took a long nap and read.   Around 6:00 that evening my sister called and asked me four questions: Do you have wood? (no) Do you have marshmallows? (yes) Do you have Nutella? (yes) Do you have graham crackers? (yes) Then we discussed options of where we could meet, financially Plain City was the best option!  I did not document the event (I was still working on homework), but we enjoyed each other’s company and wrapped everything up around nine.  (Do not worry Dad, we cleaned up before we left.)

Johnny spent yesterday cleaning the back deck.  It looks good enough for a BBQ (I should invite Gretchen she loves a good barbieque (her pronunciation).  Maddie mowed the lawn and I went to the gym and cleaned the kitchen.  That afternoon we went to see Seventeen Miracles.  It covers the many miracles of the Willy Handcart Company.  It was amazing; the reality of their trials and tribulations on a wide screen were emotionally heart wrenching.   I hope that one day my testimony is a deep and committed as theirs.

This morning we are off to violin lessons, register at Fremont, and pick up mail at Alyson’s.  Maddie is babysitting for Bridget this afternoon so I hope that I can finish up some of my school work.


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We have been kayaking several times but today we decided to try river kayaks.  From what I understand river kayaks are easy to roll and more lightweight.  In my mind I thought that if we used them in a large body of water we would to get a feel for how to use them and then we could take a class.

These boats were fairly lightweight.  You sit in them and then ‘seal’ yourself in with a neoprene skirt.  We had been out for about five minutes and were not far from shore when maddie tipped over.  All I could was take a picture and laugh.  I was helpless.  Any little movement and I would have been in the same position.

 (actual date 07/20/2011)






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Dear mother,

Madeline was assigned to mow the lawn.  This usually requires some input (help) from either Johnny or I.  A few examples of the questions that were asked today:

Dad, where is the lawn mower? (Because apparently she was too lazy to really look for it.  It is a lawn mower not a set of keys) (Note: Johnny is at work and I am in the house – why would she think to call him)

Mom, what do I do with this flag? (Duh, either mow around it or move it.)  I did not use the Duh in my reply but I did think about it.  I asked if she needed help and she said no.  Minutes later I see her outside with a screw driver in one hand (the flag in the other) trying to pound the stake into the ground.  I put on my shoes, walked out side and handed  her a hammer.

A few more minutes pass and the mower stopped unexpectedly.  I mentioned that it might be out of gas.  I put on my shoes and started out the door.  She replied w/”I can do it I am not retarded!” (sassy and loud demeanor).  I retreated back inside.  Seconds later she comes and asks “What gas do I use?” (I am laughing).  I come outside to help and decide that the gas right inside the garage will work.  I attempt to help her pour it into the gas tank – but according to her I ALWAYS spill it.  I decided that once again my helping her is not worth my time and I went back inside.

Seconds later I receive this text.

Dear mother, I apologize for being sassy & rude independent goat.  I love you, Thanks for your help.  I am a little retarded.

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Only 9 More Days of School

and my little junior high student will be a sophomore.   Within the next six months my daughter will complete drivers education classes, spend a week on the BYU campus, turn sixteen, and take a three hour driving test.  There are days that I would love to hold her for hours, and change eight dirty diapers.

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A Copied Post…but an imperative message

We keep having incidents that should make us pause and think, “Am I ready? Could I take care of my family if something terrible happened?” Usually these wildfires/tornadoes/earthquakes end up not really affecting us personally, but do we take any action? At some point the time to prepare will be over. (blog here)

In the last General Conference Jeffrey R. Holland said, “One way or another God will have His voice heard. “I sent you out to testify and warn the people,” the Lord has said to His prophets. [And] after your testimony cometh the testimony of earthquakes, … of thunderings, … lightnings, and … tempests, and the voice of the waves of the sea heaving themselves beyond their bounds.” . . . Every sermon given is always, by definition, both a testimony of love and a warning, even as nature herself will testify with love and a warning in the last days.” (read more of this talk here)

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Thought for the day….

While reading a talk by Sister Sheri Dew I came across these words….

We believe He’ll help others—President Hinckley, the Quorum of the Twelve, the stake Relief Society president—but not us.

Have you ever carefully selected a gift for someone only to present the gift and have it fall flat? Perhaps a simple “Thanks” feels nonchalant and even ungrateful.  Similarly, it must be disappointing to the Lord, who offered the ultimate sacrifice, when we by our unbelief essentially refuse His gift and therefore His offer of help.

Here is the articlein its entirety.

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Why do you think….

Why is it that Johnny’s children do not find it important to remember his birthday?   Do you know that there have been at least three different years that he has not received a gift from his children for his birthday or for father’s day?  GrRRrr!   Probably should not bother me but it does.

(Note: Nicole seems to remember christmas, and birthdays.  She sent him a card.  I am hoping that they called him on his birthday and at least left a message.)

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