Breaking News! What’s the big deal….

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My daughter spent last Friday and Saturday with Lynn and Marie Morris.  They always have a splendid time.  Of course there is plenty of food, sleeping, and shopping.  Saturday afternoon I received a text that the dress of all prom dresses was only $100.00.  She was hinting that she would like me to buy it.  I quickly agreed and told her to put it on hold.  Long story short, she needed a different size so Marie bought it.

Sunday morning, during sacrament, I ask maddie to draw me the top half of her dress.  IT IS STRAPLESS!  What?!  I thought she knew the rule!  Fast forward to Sunday evening.  We (the three of us) are at the LeFevre’s home for a birthday party.  The subject turns to the dress.  I am a little defensive because in this family (morris) strapless doesn’t matter.  I try to refrain from the BUT ITS STRAPLESS comment while Maddie is repetitively saying “I do not see what the big deal is!”  (GRRR! It is a big deal)  She defends her choice with the word alterations.  Frustrated I drop the subject and decide that this is conversation that needs to be discussed later.

Monday morning we begin (yes again) to discuss the dress.  “It is a big deal.  It is up to you to set those standards.  It is you that has to say no because it is strapless”.  Her reply was ‘fine send it back’.  I then have to explain that it is impossible to return.  “Grandma wanted you to have, and she was excited that she was able to buy it for you; returning it would be a slap in the face.”  I resolved to paying for alterations.

Thursday afternoon – the dress arrived and thankfully the dress did not fit.  YEAH! WOOHOO! 🙂  However she is beautiful in it and the color  accents her eyes.  It is an absolute wonderful dress.  Disappointed I have her sit down and look at several MODEST prom dresses that are just as pretty (and yes twice the price but modest is the key).   Realizing that there are several options soothes over the fact that her prom dress does not fit and there will be other prom dresses.

Just before going to bed I noticed  this video on  I called Madeline downstairs for a quick FHE.

The lesson: no matter how long I have been teaching and practicing modest dress I still have to reinforce that it is a big deal.  It is so very easy for all of us to fall into the justification mode in order to feel good about our decisions. Luckily, our children have the loving guidance of earthly parents to help them see what they are doing.  (this only applies to children not me)

The other lesson my prayers were truly answered.


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