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I remember one Sunday when my mom was reading out of her diary of all the fabulous things that she could accomplish in one day.  I have decided to follow suit.

Work: 9:00 – 3:00

Dinner to a family by 6:00 (make cupcakes and homemade macaroni and cheese)

Dinner for my family (make sloppy joes, homemade hamburger buns, and homemade macaroni and cheese)

Pick Maddie up from getting her hair dyed.

Prepare SI lesson for tomorrow

Meet with Nutrition teacher at Weber High School to see if she has any new ideas.

Have dinner ready by 7:30 when Johnny walks in the door

Have FHE!


cupcakes came from a cake mix, macaroni and cheese sauce from a jar then added previously grated cheese, frosting found in the fridge (probably over a a month old, but still tasted ok), sloppy joes-hamburger previously cooked and frozen, thawed hamburger added ketchup and spices, buns-frozen dough from the freezer, and as for dinner being ready it is 7:40 and I am still waiting for the mac and cheese to cook  (and only 3/4 of the way through my SI lessons:/ )

Proof that not everything here goes the way I plan!


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October 15th A lovely end to a lovely day

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