Where does the time go?

October 8, 2010 at 10:04 pm Leave a comment

So I have decided to retract the previous post.  Why?  Well, that is because I need to focus on positive things.  (yes, you read that correctly-I did just write ‘focus on positive things’ and I would rather not it be repeated that I said such).  The point of this post is to feel good about my accomplishments which may seem like bragging to others.  First let me explain my problem – I DO NOT focus when Madeline is gone.  I have no sense of direction and I feel as if I have the time in the world.  Reality generally hits me AFTER I have ‘wasted’ several hours.  Thus the need for this post.

Four loads of laundry + washed sheets and mattress cover on my bed (sheets are ready but the cover is still drying)

Four loads of laundry folded – have not yet put them away but they are folded

One page of a five page paper – the same paper that I claim I will work on every weekend before today

Cleaned the fridge – this may sound like a big task but it is not.  I am crazy and I wipe out my shelves once a week (I just added this in to make it sound better)

dishwasher loaded and unloaded/ bunny food & water/garbages taken outside/showered and did my hair/attempted to make dessert but I need to go to the store/vacuumed the house, cleaned one bathroom, swept and mopped the kitchen floor and made Johnny breakfast

It is four o’ clock and I have not brushed my teeth, and my list is four times as long as the one I just mentioned.  CRAP!  Where does the time go?

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Where does the time go? What the ….

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