Marie and Maddie

September 7, 2010 at 1:12 am Leave a comment

I arranged for Marie (madeline’s most favorite person in ID) to come and visit for her birthday weekend.  She was so excited.  My wonderful and marvelous sister Lindsey met me in Logan on Friday and took Marie home on Sunday.  (See why she is fabulous, she took 4 hours out of her life for my convenience.)  Friday on the way home Madeline and Marie threw grapes out the window, and chatted about everything.  We stopped for a pizza on the way home, then Johnny and I left for about two hours so they could have the house to themselves.  The first night they slept downstairs and were up until after 3 a.m.

Saturday morning we drove to the gateway, shopped for about an hour, went to lunch at the Olive Garden, stopped at Costco, set up a tent, went to Charlie St. Cloud and had a shopping cart incident at Harmons.

Sunday was the Hall birthday party.  (Yes, it is true this girl’s birthday has lasted over two days and it is still going).  We had homemade bread, coke roast, and an ice cream sandwich dessert for dinner.  Marie left around 8:00 that evening and Maddie cried.  She was so lonesome Monday, she just needed her friend.  (Since then she has recovered but still wants to go to Idaho every weekend)

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