Procrastination can be a good thing!

June 30, 2010 at 9:23 am 1 comment

I decided this summer I would try to tackle the Nativity project that I started in 2008.  I wanted to at least finish 10 figures by August.  Now keep in mind it was my goal to finish ten complete nativity sets.  I know it probably sounds like eating the whole elephant but as long as I was cutting pieces for one I might as well cut pieces for ten.  This project is huge even if you are only cutting for one.  It requires extensive detail/small pieces of material  for each figure.  I have gathered material in many different patterns and have taken the time to make patterns for each piece.  I have spent time organizing and categorizing so that everything is in order and I can work on one figure at a time (it helps me not feel overwhelmed).  In 2009 I only managed to finish (completely)  30 sheep but this year was going to be different!   My gaol this week was to finish my stars.  There are three stars per set so that seemed doable.  Now I understand that this is a very long explanation and I have probably lost you by now but stay with me I am getting to good part.  Yesterday, I decided to travel to Kaysville (no, i did not stop and see my grandmother – don’t make me feel guilty) because I love Ben Franklin Crafts.  I spent quite a while looking for material and comparing different patterns and finally made a decision.   (this is the good part) As I was waiting my turn I noticed the nativity set on the  wall and I thought “What?”  I took a closer look and noticed that this fabulous nativity set has now been screen printed on material and no longer requires a lot of cutting, material, hand sewing, love, and detail.  Guess how much a panel costs?  8.00 dollars!  I was shocked!  Instead of completing my stars I completed 25 individual pieces for a nativity set.  The only part that is left is the quilting.  Now I agree is is not as cute, and it is missing the love but really how can I justify continuing my quest.  I still need material for my stars, and material for the hands, feet, and faces of each person.   In a way I am sad but I have accomplished something!

See panel here.


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Busy, Busy The sound of paper….

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  • 1. Ronda  |  June 30, 2010 at 9:43 pm

    Wow that is a LOT of work and then you saw they made it fast. Well at lest your thinking about christmas. and your doing a great thing so, go get a taco!!!


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