While browsing through the classifieds….

June 11, 2010 at 7:52 pm Leave a comment

I came across this ad:

Free Refrigerator:

Free refrigerator, not sure what brand, One size fits all, Minimal blood stains.  (the underlining, bold, italicized type was for effect and was not used in original advertisement)

and this one….

drink boxes for water storage

We have around 30 containers for water storage. These were originally the bag-in-box syrup containers for soda machines. The bags are still in the boxes and the lids have been on the bags.
We originally kept them around to use as water storage, but never filled them for that purpose.
You will want to clean out the bags first.
These would be great for water storage and are MUCH more portable than those 50 gallon drums.

(So they have had these bags for quite some time and now want to give them to someone else.  However they need to be cleaned! Who would go through the trouble? Why did they not use them?  Do they think that they will not have to experience natural catastrophes? )

Wait…then there is this one!


7 year old microwave works well sometimes sparkles, It could be fixed, we never try . somebody want it for free. come and get it. it has his box still.

(Do people not use spell check?  and Who would want a “microway” that sometimes sparkles?)  (It is a boy “microway” so maybe it is just feeling the need for female companionship?)


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Lost … Last one, promise…

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