January 12, 2010 at 3:02 am 2 comments

This story needs to start way before today.  It all started on the 3rd of January.  Madeline had been home from Idaho for about 15 hours and of course we were fighting.  It was Sunday morning, I was trying to cook dinner for my family and she was giving me attitude (in my opinion).   I became upset and of course lost all sense of any rational, kind, sunday morning thoughts.  She retaliated with “Why can you not be like Lindsey?  She treats me better than you.  You re-do everything, you never trust me to do anything around here.”  Well, good point!  However I was quite upset so we parted ways.  (that may sound like it was a casual argument, it wasn’t)   A few minutes later I hear Johnny talking to Madeline and I am thinking good let him handle her grumpy butt, glad it is not me.  Unfortunately I was brought back into the conflict.  Johnny explained that he and Madeline had discussed that if she wants me to treat her differently then she will need to act differently.  (you all know that Madeline behaves better when I am not there – Johnny had asked Madeline to think about one question “do you respond to your mother the way you respond to Lindsey?”)  Crap!  This means one more blasted thing for me to work on.  She thought about it  for about an hour (note: Johnny did not bring the question until after sacrament meeting).  She agreed to work when I asked her to, to help when I needed instead of putting me off, and being more patient.

Well, tonight that all came to a screeching halt.   I asked Madeline to make dinner.  She cooked and drained the noodles, and I asked “hey are those noodles done?”  She brings me in a noodle and I reply that they will need at least 5 more minutes.  She defends her actions with “well, it is too late now”.   I decide that she might need some help, I join her in kitchen and try to explain to her that adding water to the already cooked noodles would not work.   I was cut off with the remark “you make, I will never make you dinner again!”  Well, I threw away the noodles.  I decided that if she could not be mature to have me help her and guide her that we would go without dinner tonight (unless she decided to change her attitude and start over – probably not happening she is in her room for the night by choice)

Now many of you may think that my actions were dramatic but I needed her to listen and sometimes I can not get through to her unless something drastic happens.  I also did not want to re-do what she had done.  I am famous for coming into any project and cleaning up the mess, and that is the worst thing you can do as a mother.

Update:  She crawled out of her “hole” for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich , angrily told me good night, and went back to her room.  On the upside I have accomplished quite a bit of homework! (:

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If I stay at your house…. Pasta E Fagioli

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  • 1. Lindsey  |  January 12, 2010 at 5:32 am

    You two will be best friends one day and look back and laugh! Hey dinner went awesome. Thanks so much for your help and all the wonderful food you left for me. I salted the corn tortillas before I put them into bake and they were fabulous (they still split but I didn’t mind) It was a big hit, thanks again!

  • 2. Lindsey  |  January 12, 2010 at 5:41 am

    Just so you know its Monday night 1/11/2010 and its only 10:39 pm. The last comment I left says its 5 in the morning. love you


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