Turkey Dinner….

November 15, 2009 at 1:14 am Leave a comment

Last Saturday (November 13)Johnny was determined to buy a turkey.  He loves turkey;  he went on and on about how wonderful turkey is.   Unfortunately for me he was in the car when I went to the grocery store; we came home with a turkey.  The following Sunday we cooked that turkey.  Now my husband is a little bit like the mouse and the cookie.  If you have a turkey he will need everything to go with it.  After church the madness began.  (keep in mind my dishwasher has been broke for over 2 weeks) I made rolls, Madeline and Johnny helped with dishes and made potatoes, I made gravy, Madeline made stuffing, and then we all helped finish the dishes (again).  I had turkey for 5 days (every day for lunch).  Johnny had turkey for 3 days.  I am to the point to where I hate turkey.  I finally froze what we had left and hopefully I will find a use for all that turkey.

(yes, I even made made homemade cranberry sauce)

(Update:  I made turkey enchiladas, turkey alfredo and threw away about a 6 ounces of turkey – I will not be cooking a turkey anytime soon.)


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