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Maddie’s recital went well.  Her stance/position was not correct which did not help resonate the full sound/beauty of the piece.  It was her first recital and she did okay. I am proud of how far she has come.  However, I think that her mind was elsewhere.  Lynn and Marie had forgotten about her recital.  She honestly struggles with the disappointment of the Morris’.  There have ben family dinners and birthday parties that Madeline has missed because of the family “forgetfulness”.  Today was another one of those moments.  At 4:10  Johnny called to see where they were (if they were home they were close enough to come).  They were out to dinner with friends, and stated “Oh, I am sorry we forgot.  We need you to call and remind us.”  (my response: Really?!  You are how hold?  And we did call to remind you Sunday. it was probably a good thing that I did not call)  My heart aches for this girl when it comes to Michael’s family.  She doesn’t understand how come they do not call through the week, or that they do not call to invite her places, she feels that the effort has to come from both sides.  She calls, and she plans, but there are times when she is forgotten.  There have been some good lessons that have come from this, unfortunately it is laced with heartache.

Thank you Sharon for calling her, for taking her shopping and being her friend.  Bruce, thank you for loving my baby as your own.  Thank you for realizing she needed to spend time with her grandparents Saturday and “making” mom go to dinner.  Thank you for picking her up from daycare when she was little and watching out for her.  Thank you for praying for her, she needs it.  I know that secretly she is your favorite and I am glad she is.  She loves you both.  I am so blessed that she has your unconditional love, your great example, and your friendship.

The funny part of the recital was the elderly who reside at Emeritus Estates.  The recital was in the dining room.  Tables were pushed aside and chairs were lined in the middle of the dining room.  Dinner was to begin promptly at 5:00.  Several residences attended. However, we were interuptted a couple of times.  Once, at about  4:15 my chair was bumped by a gentleman that was driving a battery operated wheelchair/scooter/chair (jazzy).    I assumed that he wanted to be close to the people I was sitting next to, so I quietly got up and moved my chair.  Nope, he did not care who I was sitting by, he wanted to sit up to the table that was off to the right of my shoulder.  My chair was in his way.  (he had to reverse and move forward few times just to get his position right so that he could turn his chair and be close enough to the table.) He then began to unfold his napkin, turn his cups over, sit his coffee cup on the saucer, place the spoon lengthwise across the top of his coffee cup; he was ready for dinner.  Then at exactly 4:45 (during the final piece) a gentleman comes out of the kitchen with a cart full of ice water, salt and pepper shakers, cream, sugar, etc.  and proceeds to set the tables.  This was a major distraction!  Now, remember the gentleman who was ready 30 minutes ago? Well, he is still ready and out of patience. Once his table was served with cream and sugar he starts drinking the cream and eating the sugar.  It was hilarious.  Ask dad.

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Is it fair…. Turkey Dinner….

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