Funny Conversation II

August 14, 2009 at 11:36 pm 1 comment

This morning I was at Catherine’s school helping, at approximately 10:50 I received a call from Maddie….

Me: Good morning.

Maddie: I have practiced my violin, took care of my bunny, and now I am on facebook.

Me: I would like the dishwasher unloaded, your bathroom cleaned, and could you please sweep the back deck?

Maddie: Oh, so what you are saying is “CHORES”

Mom:  Well, how did you want me to say it?  I am trying to say it nice.

Maddie:  Mom, there really is no nice way to say, “madeline, you have chores”

(This conversation requires some explanation.  For every quote/word in quotation you will need to use your most evil witch voice and emphasize the word/phrase with disgust.)

For the record Madeline spent 57 minutes on the phone with Kenzi, 20 minutes on the phone with Danni, updated her blog, and everything else possible.   She did not realize she was hungry until I was home and decided that we would be cleaning out her drawers.  She just couldn’t find the time to have breakfast even though she had been awake since 9:00.

Entry filed under: Letters To Maddie, My Journal.

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  • 1. addy white  |  August 20, 2009 at 5:56 pm

    im so glad that you write down this stuff. i love to read it, and i can just see the two of you talking.
    tell maddie if she does not want all of the “stuff” to send it my way.


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