Time with Grandma Morris…

July 23, 2009 at 8:51 am Leave a comment

Maddie loves to visit Grandma Morris.  Her time is filled with cable television and as much candy, doritos, and chef boyardee that she can handle.  From what I have been told their visit starts off with a change of clothes – they change into their pajamas (clothes are too restricting when you are eating as much candy as you want).  Grandma has a queen size air mattress that she sets up right in front of the tv.  Maddie has her favorite blanket and she settles in for a night of junk food and laughs with her Grandma.  I am not sure if they really go many places.  They have been known to venture out to a movie but if food is needed it is Grandpa that will have to run to the store.  Maddie is not required to clean up much of anything.  Grandma will always say  (with a small giggle) “You do not have to clean, I have a maid” (this maid is Grandpa).  Her time with Grandma is few and far between but she enjoys every moment.

Entry filed under: Letters To Maddie.

Nothing In Common A Day at Causey/July 2009

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