Why did I want the role of “Mother”?

June 11, 2009 at 7:32 pm 1 comment

I can not believe how frustrating it is to be the mother!  I allow her to stay up late, I allow her to sleep until 11:00 a.m., I allow her to “play” on the computer for over an hour, and in return I get sassy comments and misunderstood.  

The last few weeks have been busy.   There has been girls camp, a funeral, a viewing, scouts, 3 hour root canals, a trip to ikea, a birthday party, errands, lunch with friends, etc. By 7:00 last night I was ready for a day in.  I made the statement that we would stay home tomorrow and not do anything, but of course Madeline interpret that  we would do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!   The result of my miscommunication has demoted my “mom” title to “a rude, dishonest, and unfair person”.   She is now in her room doing what she wants – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! 

I know that I should allow her to do nothing once in a while but she has a lot of camp laundry, violin to practice, and a few jobs that need to be done in order to pay for her violin lessons (a long story).  She lives in this house, she can help.  She is not required to help often and I think that summer is the perfect time for her to help!  So I will continue to be inconsiderate, a liar, and an unfair person.  Maybe being all of this is a way of winning that mother of the year award.

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  • 1. addy white  |  June 11, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    Dear mother of the year,

    If you wanted a day in, a day to do nothing, you should have keep that to your self. NEVER tell anyone that your having a “do nothing day”. you can have a do nothing day, it is when you do nothing but the others around you do what you say, so netxt time you want to have a do nothing day do, but tell maddie she needs to work for 3 hours and then she gets a do nothing 10 hours break.

    love “I have made that mistake a couple of times too”


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