June 11, 2009 at 11:39 pm 1 comment

Years ago I was disqualified for any motherhood award and I had come to terms with this until now!  This was the year that I was going to change.  I would not swear, I would not be sassy, I would ask kindly, I would be patient.  I have repeatedly failed at this task but I do keep trying.  Unfortunately there are 2 disqualifying moments already this year and it is only June.  (mom if you are reading this you will be disappointed)

First Disqualifying Moment: Trying to put Madeline’s hair in a ponytail.  I was trying to gather Madeline’s thick hair and contain it into one ponytail holder.  My first mistake was allowing Madeline to have her own comb.  While attempting this feat Madeline kept trying to help (3 or 4 different times).  I tried to be patient and work around her help.  I was close to success but she once again reached up and attempted to “help”.  My immediate and immature reaction was “you *@#$* *#@$^  head!”  We both burst out in laughter but I was extremely disappointed that I have not yet learned to control my temper.  

My Second Disqualifying Moment: Arguing.  I can not help but argue with this child.  She is famous for saying things like “is not”, “your wrong”, “you do not know”.  This drives me crazy.  She has to question everything.  Yes I am aware that most teenagers truly believe they are right but this “I am always right” attitude is going to drive me insane.

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Strength Through Adversity…. Vegetable Dip

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  • 1. addy white  |  June 15, 2009 at 4:00 pm

    sounds like she know just how to get you all in a fit. Yes, you are a mother of the year, your a good mother because you keep trying and that is what the mother of the year does. I love you and i like these funny posts.


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