I am sitting here with Maddie going through her schedule, she showed me where her classes are for “a” day and then as she was showing me her “b” day she pointed out that she would start her day in Sign Language which is in room 225 ~ but she pointed to room 228 and told me that it was a typo.  (I picked up her schedule and looked at her classes) Nope it is not a typo if you look at her schedule she is actually in room 205 and English (which is an “a” day class) is in room 225 (something we discussed only minutes before).  I laughed (and I am still laughing).  She is so silly.  I love when she is in a good mood; I just wish that it would last a little bit longer.


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I never would have thought…..

Before family vacationing I spend at least two days cleaning, organizing, and preparing.  Today I left the house without vacuuming, mopping the floor, or cleaning two of my three bathrooms (however, my laundry is caught up).  I am here in Cedar City without my personal shampoo, conditioner, or body wash (poor planning ~ not on purpose).  I will admit that there is a part of me that is struggling with leaving my worries of home at home and to just be in the moment but this will be a good experience for me.  I need to be able to let things go and realize that I can not control/do everything.

(This post is mostly for my benefit)

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Does this ever happen to you?

I woke up this morning at 5 and I have been busy ALL DAY!  I love crossing things off my list and today was the day to catch up.   Around 8:45 this evening my phone started ringing – it was the sound it makes that reminds me of some appointment.  I quickly went to find it hoping that I did not miss something or for that matter have a church responsibility.  I picked up my phone and read my appointment ~  Spend time with your husband and be nice!  9:00 p.m.

Oops I guess I forgot that Saturday is his one day off and maybe I should have included time with just him.  (Johnny would rather have my undivided attention.  I on the other hand think that time together means ANY time spent together (making jam, grocery shopping, filling the car with gas, etc)

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What does a half bushel of apricots cost?

3 hours of cooking

4 loads of dishes (water, dish soap, and vinegar)

2 hours of prep  (I used to be worth $13.00/hour but now I am only worth $9.00)

2 trips to your mother’s house  (gas is $3.50/gallon)

$12.50 for pectin

1 1/2 cup lemon juice

$3.00 for seals

40 cups of sugar …. 25 lbs of sugar is currently $15.00 @ Sam’s Club

$2.00 for a half bushel of apricots that were mostly past the point of ripe.

Patience –  although it is free it is necessary because you NEED to work with your spouse.

I spent two hours last night cleaning and prepping.  Almost every apricot was mushy so I cut off what was brown or not appealing, removed the pit and saved the rest.  Johnny put 24 cups of apricots into two ziploc bag with 1 cup lemon juice and placed them in the freezer over night.  Today at 3:00 we started bottling jam; we finished at 6:00.  I miss my mom – this is her job.  She has provided jam for the last thirty seven years.   Every time the mess is in her kitchen and I am at home oblivious to all of her hard work. Wow I am spoiled.  Thanks mom….sorry that I did not realize this before.

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Motherhood has taught me many things but I am positive that Heavenly Father sent me my beautiful daughter to teach me patience.  For example….

Now Madeline has been taught that these measuring cups will fit nicely in the cupboard if they are nested together.  However she still puts them away her way.  In the grand scheme of things it does not really matter but today it is bothering me….

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What’s Happening….

Here are a few photos to show the progress of the Ogden Temple & the Tablernacle…..

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What Would You Do?

Johnny came inside yesterday carrying two bags, dropped them on the kitchen floor and stated “cookie from the neighbors”  This is not the first time the neighbors have given Johnny cookies but I did not think that it was going to become a habit.  Inside were the following items:

Do not be sad and think that you would want any of these items.  The oatmeal cookies fall into the overcooked category (they are brown not golden), the coconut rings include asian translation on the package, and as for the waffles I am not even sure where they originated from (they are wrapped in plastic bags without a label).  What does one do?  Johnny suggested that we take them to the mission, I want to throw them away.

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